GAS TCU Tuning, 8S/8V TTRS/RS3 DQ500 DSG

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Optimize your shift times, power delivery, powerband and more with a GAS TCU tune! Our transmission software will improve driveability, getting rid of sloppy factory transmission behaviour and torque/rev limitations put in place by conservative factory engineers.

Why should you opt for a transmission remap? Our software offers the following benefits:

  • Higher rev limit - Lift the conservative factory rev limit and unlock extra power provided during Stage 1/2 ECU tuning
  • Optimized torque limits - Raising torque limits allows for extra power to be made without the transmission control logic interfering
  • Launch control RPM increased - Provides more aggressive launch strategies suited for a sport-oriented driving style
  • Faster shift times - Faster shifting means less time out of your powerband and more time putting power to the ground where it belongs
  • Increased torque capacity - When upgrading to Stage 2 or higher ECU maps, the transmission is at risk of slipping under power or during shifts. Increased holding power will ensure all of your power is ready to use all of the time
  • Increased clutch life - Faster clutch engagement means less slip, translating to longer clutch life and lower temperature operation

Transmission tuning (when applicable) is recommended for all Stage 2 or higher ECU tunes. 

Launch control RPM limit Shift Time
Original 3500 rpm 7000 rpm 100 ms
Stage 1 4500 rpm (adjustable) 7200 rpm 90 ms
Stage 2 4800 rpm (adjustable) 7300 rpm 80 ms