Custom Dyno Tuning

In addition to offering expert ECU/TCU calibrations, we also provide full custom dyno tuning for all European & Exotic models!


Using our in-house Mustang AWD-150 4-wheel dyno, we can provide real-world results that won't change once you get your car out on the road. Nicknamed the "Heartbreaker Dyno", Mustang dynos have a reputation for delivering un-inflated results that are consistent with what you'll see in the real world.


We regularly fact-check our dyno by running 100% factory vehicles to make sure our calibrations are always accurate, and that you can trust the results they deliver! 


We are well-versed and trained in OEM ECU tuning, as well as many aftermarket systems such as Dyno Spectrum, Eurodyne Maestro, AEM, Haltec, ECUMaster, and more.


If you don't see your vehicle in our calibration list, send us a message here and ask us about custom tuning! 


Dyno Tuning Rate: $200/hour, 4 hour minimum. Base file rates may apply




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