ECU/TCU Tuning

We work around the clock to provide high-quality tunes for hundreds of different vehicles. ECU tuning offers substantial power and torque gains while retaining factory driveability and providing increased fuel mileage!


Depending on your vehicle make/model, we offer engine and/or transmission tuning, including custom options such as:

- Launch control/2-step/no-lift shifting

- Raised rev limit

- Modified speed limiter

- Decel burble/backfire


For those still in factory warranty, lease, or who are worried about making irreversible changes to their vehicle, we offer plug and play tuning modules. Power gains are similar to a flash tune, without the need to reprogram the engine's control unit. When the time comes, tuning modules are easily removed to return the vehicle to factory configuration.


In addition to our own GAS tuning suite, we can facilitate tuning from the following popular options:

- Dyno Spectrum DS1 (including full custom tuning, flex fuel, and map switching integrations)

- Eurodyne (including Maestro custom tuning)

- 034 Motorsport

- Unitronic

- VF Engineering


Thanks to our versatile hardware and software, we are able to tune most European makes and models in-house. Select your vehicle at the top for up-to-date tuning options!




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