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Audi 3.0T EA837 Bosch Motorsport 82mm Throttle Body Upgrade

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Please specify the size of your intake in the order notes and we will include a reducing coupler at no charge. If you are ordering a throttle body kit with our 89mm or 102mm intake, or if you don't need a coupler, specify "no coupler". If no coupler is specified, one will not be included in your order. 

Stock throttle body = 3.00" coupler size
82mm throttle body = 3.50" coupler size


Experience increased horsepower, torque, and throttle response with the iABED throttle body upgrade kit for the Audi 3.0T Supercharged engines. When paired with an upgraded throttle body tune, you can expect large top-end gains resulting from huge cross-section increases.

Note that the 82mm throttle body will require tuning due to the immense increase in cross-sectional area (~40%). Fault codes P0068 and P2279 will result if the car is not tuned specifically for the larger TB. All of our tuning stages (1-3) offer an option for  82mm throttle bodies!

This kit is not compatible with IE, 034 or APR upgraded throttle body software. These companies all use Continental/VDO hardware which requires different programming to make them run. The Bosch throttle body in this kit is compatible with stock TB software (you may have fault codes, see above) as well as software specifically for this kit. 

If you are looking for replacement throttle bodies, follow the link below:


What's included:
Adapter Plate
Machined from T6061 billet aluminum, the adapter plate is profiled to allow a smooth transition from the OEM port opening of 70mm to the opening of the throttle body. All adapter plates come standard with a 1/8” NPT tap for water/methanol injection and a plug should you not have methanol injection. Choosing a Bosch throttle body as a basis for our product allowed us to work with a more compact in size throttle body. This meant that getting a throttle body behind the cylinder head and bolted to the supercharger inlet did not require a cast adapter or the need to relocate the throttle body, allowing most off-the-shelf 3.0T intakes to connect directly to the new throttle!

Adapter Harness
Our adapter harness is the culmination of 2 years+ worth of R&D. We have a specialty-designed circuit board that allows the conversion from Siemens/VDO/Continental 11Kohm to Bosch 1Kohm making this plug-and-play for all applications. The circuit board is enclosed in a T6061 CNC’ed billet housing and epoxied to ensure functionality under all weather conditions (no water is getting into this thing). We only use OEM pins in our harness construction to ensure the operation is the same as OEM.
Finally, the harness is wrapped with electrical wrap and covered in aerospace-grade fire retardant wrap.
This harness also allows similar-sized 70mm DBW throttle bodies from the B5 S4 or Porsche 986 to work on the 2.0 TFSI Turbo motors.

Throttle Body
We use a Porsche 997 Throttle Body (Manufactured by Bosch in Germany), which means we can offer a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.

When asked why we didn’t use the Dodge Hemi 5.7L / 6.1L Throttle Body in our kit, the answer was simple:

Like all of our products, we advocate for the use of certain brands. Similar to Fluidampr for Crankshaft dampers, Mahle Motorsport for pistons, ARP for hardware, we believe that Bosch Motorsport offers the absolute best drive-by-wire (DBW) throttle body on the marketplace. The construction of Bosch units vs competing Siemens/VDO/Continental units is superior and they are more compact due to the family sharing of components such as TPS covers and drive motors.
We have been in the drive-by-wire throttle body game since 2004. It is no secret that the Dodge Hemi unit is the affordable “go-to” throttle body by most aftermarket companies because they are cheap, and manufactured by Siemens/VDO in Germany.
However, we don’t use VDO/Siemens units for a few reasons:
  • Construction (as mentioned above) - unlike Bosch, Siemens/VDO throttle bodies are manufactured as affordable as possible. Reinforced Plastic is used for throttle plates where aluminum should be used. In high horsepower 2.0T applications, the throttle plates snap into 2 pieces which may cause catastrophic engine failure should they go unnoticed. Bosch throttle bodies will never fail in this manner.
  • Water/Methanol injection – Bosch units have seals between the throttle shaft and the housings so if you are spraying meth pre-throttle body, the likelihood of the meth crystallizing on your circuit board is slim to none. This is a major reason most VDO units fail in a water/meth setting.
  • Ability to rebuild: Siemens/VDO units are not serviceable, whereas Bosch units are. Unlike other companies, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on our products!