APG 380mm Big Brake Upgrade B8/B8.5

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Factory B8/B8.5 brakes leave much to be desired in terms of braking ability, response, and repeatability. While there are some mild OEM upgrades available, they too show their weakness under track use and heavy braking from higher speeds.

The APG big brake kit is the final solution to all of your braking issues! Say goodbye to going faster than you can stop, and don't let your brakes hold your car's performance back. APG has proven itself around the world, from street use to time attack, and strive to provide the highest quality solution for all kinds of driving enthusiasts around the globe.

The 380mm big brake kit features a forged, 2-piece 8-piston aerospace-aluminum caliper with forged pistons for durability, full-floating 2-piece discs with aerospace-aluminum center hats and cast rotor rings, and pad compounds available for a full range of street to track.


The 380mm kit will clear most 19" wheels easily, but please verify fitment with your wheel manufacturer or someone from our team before ordering! For 18" wheels, please see APG's 356mm BBK.


These kits are made-to-order, so turnaround times may vary depending on the options chosen.


Please note: Caliper finish is available in a wide variety of colours, as well as in Anodized (textured) or Painted (glossy). Please specify your desired colour and finish before ordering to ensure a quick turnaround!