Custom Code Tuning Software 8S/8V TTRS/RS3

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Custom Code Tuning Software for the RS3 and TTRS ECU will wake up the car to unleash it's true performance potential.  This Tuning Suite gives a client access to all OEM turbo files we have ever developed.  A Stage 1 Tune, capable of up to 480 HP on E85 and Stage 2 Tune capable of up to 515 HP on E85, is available using a Flash Tool for easy install.

Tuning Suites

Also available are Stage 1/1+ and Stage 2/2+ Tuning Suites. The Stage 1/1+ is capable of up to 530hp on E85 and will include the Iroz Downpipe. The Stage 2/2+ is capable of up to 580hp on E85 and will include the Iroz Downpipes and Intercooler. Email us at for special bundle pricing.  TCU flashes are available for E85 applications where increased clutch pressures are required.   

Larger turbochargers or hybrids will require additional files, with additional costs.  There is no cost upgrade from Stage 1 to Stage 2.