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Verstarkt VPS Heavy Duty Supercharger Belt Tensioner Upgrade

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It's finally here! Garage Auto Sports & Verstarkt have teamed up to offer the best tensioner together with the best software for your 3.0T Audi.

One of the most important components of the supercharger system is the belt tensioner. As the supercharger spins faster and generates more boost, the parasitic stresses on the belt increase. This makes the belt stretch significantly under load, and this energy is suddenly released when the driver comes off load via lift of the throttle, or between shifts. Parasitic loads also make it more likely for the belt to slip, which causes a reduction in supercharger speed and loss of boost. The friction of belt slip can also cause excessive heat, which can lead to premature belt failures.

The factory belt tensioner is a cast aluminum part with a very weak spring, that applies roughly only 15-20 fl/lbs of belt tension, and even less tension while the belt is stretching and the tensioner is extended. Belt tensioners become weak over time, especially on modified systems. VPS has engineered the first high-performance aftermarket solution to this problem on the 3.0T supercharged engine. Do not let your upgrades go to waste at the hands of the wimpy factory tensioner!

The VPS tensioner features the following benefits:

  • Tensioner body machined from 7075 aluminum
  • Hardened steel pivot shaft
  • Hard coat anodized
  • High quality heat treated piano wire torsion spring
  • High quality NSK idler pulley bearing
  • 75% increase in belt tension
  • 15 degrees more extension and 5 degrees more retract for easier installation
  • Retaining pin for installation lock-out
  • Regain boost lost boost due to slipping belt
  • Excellent alternative to replacing the factory tensioner during service
  • A MUST for any modified setup
  • Fully serviceable
  • Lifetime warranty