GAS ECU Software - 2021 Mercedes A35 AMG W177


We've finished development of our Stage 1 ECU software for the W177 A35 AMG and it's now available for flashing at our Newmarket, Ontario location!



The engineers at AMG are well-known for underrating factory power figures, and the A35 is no exception. Making well over the factory-estimated 302hp, this hot hatch has a solid baseline to start with.

Baseline: 332whp / 319wtq

Stage 1 (91 octane): 377whp / 401wtq



Gains over stock: +45whp & +82wtq

Peak gain: +76whp at 5115rpm

Our software is available for both 91 and 93/94 octane, with great results in terms of power, driveability and safety. As always, custom dyno tuning is available for all stages. Send us a message here for more information!