GAS ECU Software - Lamborghini Huracan/MK2 Audi R8 V10

In addition to our Lamborghini/Audi V10 Twin Turbo kits, we also offer expert ECU calibration for naturally aspirated setups!

Note: All quoted power numbers have been dyno-tested in-house on our AWD Mustang dyno. We regularly develop revisions, so posted gains may change over time. The most up-to-date tested gains will be posted below.

Factory R8 Base: 532BHP / 398BTQ

Factory R8 V10 Plus: 602BHP / 413 BTQ

Factory LP580-2: 580BHP / 397BTQ

Factory LP610-4: 610BHP / 412BTQ

Stage 1 93 Octane: 650BHP / 450BTQ

Stage 2 93 Octane: 680BHP / 470BTQ (requires exhaust & high flow air filters)

We also offer TCU tuning for the DL800 dual clutch transmission. To get tuned, contact us here!