GAS x DS1 Software - Audi C7 S6/S7 4.0T

We've been using Dyno Spectrum's tuning platform for a few years now, including on our own 10-second Stage 4 S7. The DS1 platform allows for easy custom wireless tuning by us or the tuner of your choice, with added coding for FlexFuel integration, map switching, custom maps and more!

Note: All quoted power numbers have been dyno-tested in-house on our AWD Mustang dyno. We regularly develop revisions, so posted gains may change over time. The most up-to-date tested gains will be posted below.

Factory: 420BHP / 406BTQ

Stage 1 91 Octane: 480BHP / 626BTQ

Stage 1 93 Octane: 524BHP / 680BTQ

Stage 1 100 Octane: 535BHP / 741BTQ

Stage 1 E60: 572BHP / 738BTQ

Stage 2 is available for cars with and without downpipes

Stage 3 is available for cars with RS7 turbochargers and upgraded fueling

Stage 4 is available for cars with hybrid turbochargers such as SRM +4mm

Map switching and FlexFuel are available for all stages. Other options may be added depending on your software version. 

We also offer TCU tuning for the DL501 dual clutch transmission. To get tuned, contact us here!