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DS1 Tuning Suite, Audi/Lamborghini 5.2 V10

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Now available in Beta!

We offer full custom dyno tuning in-house at our location in Newmarket, Ontario

We took three years and 10000 hours of development to bring our first product to market, building on experience since the turn of the century in ECU tuning, reverse engineering and custom feature development for other companies including our own. We enjoy bringing smoothness, quality, innovation and standalone type features to factory ECUs and are excited to be a part of V10.

We support RWD and AWD models. The base flash upgrades everything to the top models, so a RWD will increase to a Performance model.

We cover all markets worldwide! 

Models Supported:

  • All Hurracans from the beginning
  • R8 from around 2015 (depending on market) known as "Gen 2" with chassis code 4S are supported, including the 2019 facelift. We did much of our development on a 2020 R8 (570) quattro


  • Ultra fast vehicle reprogramming
  • Uses browser over WiFi
  • Works with multiple devices
  • High speed datalogging
  • Realtime tuning
  • E85 flex fuel


5.2 V10 Notes:

  • Supports all known worldwide Huracan and 2015- R8 (Gen 2) with MED17.1.1 except one 2020 model of Huracan with 4T0907552AH software which is locked.
  • Includes all DS1 features, further OTS to follow for flex fuel and example support material for custom tuners.
  • Huracans do not support the full range of features using cruise control and tacho even if they have cruise control because they do not have a separate SET and CANCEL position, but rolling boost on map 9 should work in custom tunes if they have cruise control buttons. Ethanol and map switching can be done via your phone from the browser.
  • R8 (like the 2.5T models with virtual cockpit) will by default show ethanol % and MAP (in 0.1 bar / % scaling, estimated from MAF sensors) on the power and torque gauges.
  • Gauges in the browser presently only show the master ECU. DS2 logging and realtime tuning work on master and slave simultaneously. The checksums when realtime tuning are shown for master and slave ECUs and the correct advice is given on screen.
  • Unlike 2.5T and 4.0T, the map switch and ethanol content are reset to zero with a flash. Set them as you wish after each flash.
  • Pricing on V10 is set at twice the level of 4.0T and 2.5T as this is a niche product with a depth of features that has required intensive development that has allowed the OEM ECUs to cover nearly all the features of standalones with all the benefits of the OEM quality electronics, driving smoothness, diagnostics and super fast installation. Pricing is not discounted during the beta - previous beta users have enjoyed early access and full updates as the features of the product have grown and we have more exciting things to do on V10.
  • Whilst we heavily test, during the beta it is recommended that you flash the vehicle for the first time in a safe location (eg garage or workshop) and not just before a race when it is the weekend or out of hours, and ideally with bench flashing tools available (even better if you have backed up the flash and EEPROM of both ECUs first but our rate of needing to bench recover ECUs is 0.1%). All tuning is the responsibility of the custom tuner. Every feature should be carefully logged to verify things are working before increasing boost on turbo cars.



Obey your local laws and only use the DS1 as and where permitted by insurance and regulations. 

Never be distracted when driving, make sure any devices in the cabin are secure, do not make changes to the ECU whilst driving unless you are on a dyno. 

Ensure you comply with laws regarding use of browsing devices even if the vehicle is stationary. This is a powerful product that can require years of experience to use to its full capability. Only adjust what you understand, can measure and verify. 

Always consider the safety of yourself, others, as well as your engine, drivetrain, vehicle and the environment. Please be aware that increases in engine performance can result in a loss of traction even on dry surfaces with four wheel drive, and that tyres, suspension, braking, drivetrain and cooling will be worked harder. 

Ensure optimum maintenance of your vehicle. 

Dyno Spectrum Ltd accepts no liability for loss or damage to people or property or consequential damages. Any vehicle tuning increases risk of component failure, and we cannot accept any liability for this, even though we take every precaution to enhance safety and have a heavy testing programme. By using our product you agree to this.