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GAS Billet Supercharger Clutch Delete, Audi CREC 3.0T

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The original billet clutch delete for your CREC-powered 3.0T

Eliminate reliability issues

Stock and tuned CREC engines all suffer from the same fate of a slipping supercharger clutch. By removing the clutch from the equation we've created a solid mechanical connection between the supercharger pulley and the supercharger itself. This is the last CREC clutch replacement you'll ever need.

Unlock higher levels of power

Due to clutch slipping issues, CREC owners have been forced to run lower stages of tuning, putting dual pulley and even some single pulley tunes out of reach! Many owners have even resorted to welding the clutch together, creating the possibility of a cracked weld or imbalanced rotating assembly. We've removed this uncertainty completely with our machined billet clutch replacement. CREC owners are now free to run any stage they wish, pursuing power levels only attained by non-clutched 3.0T models!

Weight Savings

At a weight of 1.4lbs, our billet clutch delete frees up rotating mass, allowing your engine to rev up faster with less resistance!

With a capable dual-port injection system and flex-fuel capability, the CREC engine is a venerable powerplant with a big Achilles heel. Don't let a weak clutch hold your CREC back!

Support Innovation

Although other companies have since released their own version of the CREC clutch delete, we remain the first to design, develop, and bring to market this innovative solution for the age-old problem of supercharger clutch slip. 


Compatibility: All EA837 Evo Equipped Audi/Porsche vehicles

  • 2014+ S4/S5 with CRE- engine (Euro market)
  • 2016+ A6/A7 with CRE- engine
  • 2017+ Audi Q7/Q8 with CRE- engine
  • 2015+ Audi A8 with CRE- engine
  • Replaces CREC, CREA, CREH, CRGE, CTDA with 06E145105N & 06E145105S magnetic clutch

This clutch delete will require tuning to prevent a check engine / MIL. Please verify that your tuning company is able to offer specific tuning for this modification before purchasing! 

Installation Instructions