SRM 4.0TFSI RS7 CHRA Turbo Upgrade

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Hybrid RS6/RS7/S8 Turbo Core Upgrade To Take Your S6/S7/A8 To Stage 3 Power Or Simply Replace Your Blown RS6/RS7/S8 CHRAs. New Compressor Covers Are Available, Avoiding The Core Exchange Process. Please select compressor covers from the options.

CORES ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED!  Please Choose The Option That Best Suits Your Needs

NOTE: The S6/S7/A8 CHRA Size Is The OEM Cast Wheel Compressor To Replace Blown Turbos. The RS6/RS7/S8 CHRA Size Is The OEM Billet Wheel Compressor To Upgrade From S6/S7/A8 or to The OEM Billet Wheel Spec.

TSB Gaskets, screens, check valves + misc hardware to correctly re-install your new 4.0TFSI turbochargers are required. These parts must be selected (or sourced from your local dealer) when replacing blown turbochargers.  The defective parts provided by Audi are what caused your turbos to fail.