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This page is constantly updated as we develop more solutions to make tuner and builder lives easier.

NOTE: We recommend using Google Sheets with our tools, as it will yield the best compatibility.


1. Turbo Sizing Calculator

If you're wondering about how to properly size a turbocharger, or if you're unsure of how to read a compressor map, our simple yet effective tool will get you into the ballpark you need within minutes. There's a lot of information regarding turbocharger sizing around the internet, but our calculator, built using key reference information from Garret Motion Inc., makes it easy to use compressor maps to pinpoint which turbocharger size meets your goals.


2. ZF AL551 Shift Calculator

This is a handy tool for fellow tuners who want to cut a lot of time off of Audi ZF8 transmission tuning. The AL551 TCU contains a large number of shift maps that can take forever to modify one by one. Our shift calculator requires only entering your desired shift points as engine speed once, then simply pasting the values into WinOLS or the editor of your choice. The calculator will spit out the correct values converted to transmission output shaft speed.