SRM 4.0T Intake Upgrade

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The largest intake system available for the 4.0T platform, with a true full 2.5" intake runner all the way to the turbo. Inlet depression on the stock turbo can reach 750mbar, while our inlet pipe doesn't drop below 900. This results in a free 3-4psi on the top end. When it comes to pure performance, you can't beat this system, with huge 30-40hp gains consistently at redline. 5-axis machined inlet snouts are welded to mandrel-bent tubing specifically designed for this application.

Fits S6/S7/RS6/RS7/A8 4.0T applications.

Sizing application:

Short fits stock RS7 airbox, and others with 2.5” outlets. If you have an RS7 and would like to retain your stock airbox, select this option.

Long fits all 4.0T applications listed above, intake will run to the stock airbox location, and will replace your airbox with high flow cone filters. 

This does NOT fit the D4 S8. Please see the D4 S8 4.0T Intake System.

Due to overwhelming demand, there is currently a 3 week backorder on these intakes. We are currently taking pre-orders. Intakes will be shipped as ordered once in stock.