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GAS 95B Macan Engine Catch Can, 3.0T/3.6T

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The 95B Porsche Macan is a versatile platform. Built off of the Audi B8 platform, it shares a lot in common with its S4/S5/Q5 siblings, and NCV (negative crankcase ventilation) issues are no exception!

From the factory, the engineers at Porsche routed the NCV system breather to the passenger side turbo inlet. With time and mileage, this setup causes water and oil vapor to build up in the intake and intercooler tract, robbing performance and fuel mileage, sacrificing octane rating, and even leading to common freezing issues in colder climates. We've seen many Macan S/GTS/Turbo come in with boost faults leading to the discovery that the passenger intercooler and charge hose are completely filled with ice!

Because of this, we decided to fix the problem once and for all. No more draining water from passenger intercooler hoses at every oil change! With a simple installation of our centrifugal dual baffle design 95B catch can system, swampy intercoolers will be a thing of the past. 

Our system comes with all the hardware needed for installation. A quarter-turn drain valve on the bottom of the can facilitates easy draining with no need to remove the can after installation.


  • Easy installation, easier draining
  • Keeps intake valves cleaner for longer **
  • Maintains fuel octane rating by reducing oil ingress into the intake
  • Reduces maintenance & repair costs associated with water in the intercooler
  • Does not interfere with any underhood components. No trimming of the factory engine cover is required (making this mod fully reversible)


** No catch can system will completely eliminate intake carbon buildup. This is a by-product of valve overlap, made worse by PCV/NCV gasses. We recommend regular intake inspections to keep your engine in prime operating condition.