FactoryPlus Maintenance

Factory maintenance schedules, while adequate for many vehicle owners and leasers, are designed by manufacturers to keep your stock vehicle running until 80,000-100,000 kilometers or less. This offers drivers a lower-cost lease option and an overall lower cost of ownership, but can lead to increased failures later on and shorter service life for your vehicle. This is simply not enough for driver's looking to keep their vehicle running for years beyond it's "expiry date". For those of us who believe their vehicle represents an extension of themselves, and for those who aren't satisfied with driving a stock vehicle, we offer FactoryPlus™ Maintenance. 

Our plan goes above and beyond the factory maintenance and inspection schedule, adding vehicle-specific, individually-tailored solutions for every vehicle we maintain. Items like transmission & differential oil, intake port cleaning, interior services, and more that the dealer deems "unnecessary", and are often overlooked. Adding a supercharger, turbocharger, an engine build or water-meth injection to your budget? Increased power doesn't need to mean a shorter service life. Improved preventative maintenance scheduling can also lead to better budgeting and fewer break-downs and surprises along the way.

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